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1st match Tornado handicap match 1 match
○Supreme Sennin & Sinister Sennin with Scarlet Senjo


Hosogoshi "Hermit" Yusuke
*7 minutes 56 seconds Physical dissatisfaction

2nd match single match 1 match
○Chigai OKADO VS. GT
12 minutes 25 seconds Kurukuru drop #nkwres

Match 3: NKW Cruiserweight Championship/NKW Most Dangerous Championship
[Cruiserweight Champion] Sora Jiro Aoi VS [MD Champion] ◯ Reversal Sawa
1 minute 54 minutes small package
Reversal Sawa successfully defends his cruiserweight title for the second time and is recognized as the 35th Most Dangerous Champion

Match 4: nkw Most Dangerous Championship One Fall Match
○ [Cruiserweight Champion] Sora Jiro Aoi VS [MD Champion] Reversal Sawa
*Nagata Infant, JAX, and Loincloth Devil intrude
14 minutes 50 seconds Yoshitanic
Sora Jiro Aoi is recognized as the 36th MD Champion

Match 5 20th Anniversary Memorial of BH HARDCORE & DEATH SP Match
○ San Francisco The Viwell VS Crazy Small Fish
15 minutes 43 seconds Moonsault press from ladder

Match 7: 1 tag team match
○ Erotic Iku Del Panchira & Takeda Ryuunosuke VS Colon Care & Minoru Kido
22 minutes 6 seconds TY coaster


Semi-final 1 single match
12 minutes 43 seconds million shot


Main event: 1 single match for the NKW Championship
○ [Challenger] Chocot Steiner VS [Champion] King Penguin
18 minutes 27 seconds Running elbow
Chocot Steiner is recognized as the 22nd champion.

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