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​ Event name: GET READY 2023

​Date: Sunday, February 5, 2023 Alignment 17:50 Open 18:00 Start 18:30

​ *Times are subject to change.

Venue: Warabi Wrestle Arena (2-4-4 Minamimachi, Warabi City, Saitama Prefecture 335-0003)

Access: 15-minute walk from Nishikawaguchi Station West Exit / 15-minute walk from Warabi Station West Exit

​ Fee: Any amount you like

Seat type: All seats are free of charge Advance reservations can be made at the reception desk on the day


tag match 1final match

Chinkas Khan


Elle Guitar Samurai



TERU Oshima




※ 16 minutes 24 seconds chicken wing arm lock → tap out

single match 1final match

colon care

​(nkw/colon tent)


Takeda Ryunosuke


* 15 minutes 51 seconds colon hammer → hardened shrimp

tag match 1final match

"Money Family"

Mr. Money


Yuki Nishizaki



"Love Phantom"

chrysanthemum and gate taro

​(Super Original/Love Phantom)

king penguin

​(nkw/IWP/Love Phantom)

*19min 12 sec lariat → pinfall

​After the match, Yuki Nishizaki announced that he will be a double member of DPW and nkw

nkw Championship Single Match 1final match

22nd nkw champion

Chocotte Steiner




Erotic Iku Del Panchira


※1445 seconds running elbow → KO

22nd champion succeeds in first defense

Panchira announces joining nkw after the match

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