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Large intestine care

Sloppy body of fear

Daichou Kea


​ A sloppy body of fear

height, weight

178cm / 93kg  


nkw / N4H (Nukui for Horsemen)

signature move

Stuka Splash / Atomic Drop

​ Large intestine hammer

Birthplace / date of birth

​ Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture / Unknown

Debut (years since becoming a member of nkw)

August 2014 "Dangerous Summer 2014"  


​ 24th nkw Most Dangerous Throne


Former NUWA (Nihon University Professional Wrestling Study Group) affiliation player.

After graduating from university, he won the scrambled out match held at "REVIVE ~ nkw is back !! ~" in May 2014 and won the GTC right.

He exercised his GTC rights on the spot and declared himself to join "nkw".

He is the same age as the former nkw wrestler "Kyoushirou" and is usually on good terms.

​ November 2017 Formed the new "N4H" with "Sakai", "Reika" and "Kyoushirou".


・ Debuted on November 20, 2010 at NUWA (Nihon University Professional Wrestling Study Group). After that, he also participated in nkw several times.

After graduating from university, participated in nkw as a freelancer.


・ Participated in the nkw revival commemorative get the chance scramble out held at " REVIVE ~ nkw is back! ~ " On May 17th. Participated as the 1st place in the 10-man race and won the championship. Declared to join nkw by exercising the Get the Chance (GTC) right that was obtained as a winning prize.

・ June 1st Officially joined nkw .

・ On August 23, at "Dangerous Summer 2014 ~ Kujirayama Explosion !! ~", we welcomed our partner "Kyoushirou" and played against "Kiku / Kado Taro" and "Left Turn Shotaro" to win. This is the first match since I became a member of nkw.


・ May 23 Participated in the nkw champion tournament held at "MADNESS PARK 2015". Win against "Yuki Nishizaki" in the first round of B block. Advance the piece to the second round.

・ August 22 "Dangerous Summer 2015 @ Naughty Summer Festival-Whale Mountain Top Battle !!-" Part 1 nkw Champion Tournament B Block Semi-final against "Mr. Money". Victory because Super Original broke in during the match and made Money ring out. This advances the piece to the final.

In the second part, he fought against "Tomohiro Otani" in the final, but was defeated. I regret to miss the crowning of the champion.


・ On May 21st, at " MADNESSPARK 2016 ", Tent Harizo was invited as a partner to challenge the nkw tag title of "Insane Boyz", but he was defeated by TKO by throwing a towel.

・ August 27: Challenge the nkwMD title of "Reversal Sawa" at " Dangerous Summer 2016 @ Naughty Summer Festival-Kujirayama Happy and Embarrassing High Voltage !!- ". Win a hardcore 9way match and become the 24th nkw MD champion.

・ October 16: At " FULL THROTTLE 2016 ", won the first defense match against "Sakai" in a special rule single match. Successful first defense.

・ December 24th, the nkwMD title match was held at " WRESTLE STAR 2016 ". "Chigai OKADO" will be the challenger, "Kyoushirou" will be the special referee, and "Destroy-Misaka" will be the special referee. At the end, Care rounds OKADO and wins. Successful second defense.


・ May 27th At " MADNESS PARK 2017 ", a hardcore double title match will be held between the SWS hardcore champion "Chocot Sitainer" and both titles. After a deadly battle, he won both titles, but after the performance, "ONAKIN" rushed in and challenged the SWS Hardcore Championship. Defeated by a plow, the SWS Hardcore Championship is robbed.

・ August 26, " Dangerous Summer 2017 @ Naughty Summer Festival-Extreme heat! Whale mountain eruption !!- " won the nkwMD title and played a hardcore 8way match. Successful fourth defense.

In the second part, he fought against "Tomohiro Otani" in the final, but was defeated. I regret to miss the crowning of the champion.

・ November 19th, teamed up with Sakai at " Winter Pain 2017 " and played against "Synthedai Army (" Ryo Asaoka "&" RYO ") and won. After the match, he formed the new "N4H (Nukui for Horsemen)" (members are Sacai, Reika, and Kyoushirou). The conflict with the Synsedai army begins.

・ On December 23, at " WRESTLE STAR 2017 ", teamed up with Sakai and Reika and played against Asaoka, RYO, and Laso-Cimbra to win.


・ February 24, " GET READY 2018" RYO will be the challenger and the nkwMD Championship will be held . The first one is taken by give-up, but the second and third ones win and succeed in the fifth defense.

・ May 19th The nkwMD Championship in hardcore format 8way will be held at " MADNESS PARK 2018 ". The challengers are Kenichi 801, Yuuki Nishizaki, Sakai, Asaoka, RYO, San Francisco Zaviwell, and Kazushibano. At the end, Care sinks Asaoka and succeeds in defending for the sixth time.

・ On July 21st, he teamed up with Reika in the nkw one-day tag tournament held at " BURN UP " and participated as "Pinocchio Army from N4H", but lost in the first round of B block (the opponent is "Mastermind (Mr.Money & YMD)". ").

On the same day, a special battle royal match was held for the nkw MD title. The challengers are GT, Zaviwell, Nishizaki, Sakai, ONAKIN, and Reika. Survive to the end and defend for the 7th time.

・ August 25, at " Dangerous Summer 2018 ", the challengers will be Zaviwell, Asaoka, and The Great small fish, and a hardcore 4-way nkwMD title match will be held. Defeated by Asaoka after a fierce battle. Drop the MD throne.

・ On December 22nd, he challenged Asaoka's MD title at " WRESTLE STAR 2018 " (the match format is a hardcore 6way match), but he was eliminated and failed to challenge.


・ February 23, held at " GET READY 2019 "  nkw Tag team championship challenge right acquisition Tag team participation with Reika in the tag team match. Participated in 4th place out of 4 tag teams. Survive to the end and get the right to challenge.

・ April 27, at " BATTLE OF SPRING ", challenged with Reika to the nkw tag title held by ONAKIN & Usushio Hosomenjiro. Care defeats ONAKIN and becomes the 14th nkw tag team champion.

・ On May 18th, at " MADNESS PARK 2019 ", Jelly Jiggler and Yusuke Hosogoshi "Sennin" were invited as challengers to win the nkw tag title match. Succeed in the first defense. At this time, Reika was injured and entered a long-term absence.

・ August 24 " Dangerous Summer 2019 " Tag 3way match opponent Zaviwell announces the nkw Tag Championship challenge. In response to that, we decided to hold the nkw tag title match with the small fish, Zaviwell group, at the next performance.

・ November 14: Reika, a partner, went missing due to lack of communication and returned the nkw tag title. The battle with the small fish, Zaviwell, became a phantom.


・ Challenge the nkw throne held by Infant Nagata at " GET READY 2020 " on February 22nd. It was his first nkw title challenge, but he was defeated.

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