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Chocot Sitainer

​ Urawa Narcis

Chocott Shiteiner


​ Urawa Narcis

height, weight

170cm / 70kg  


nkw / Elbow Union

signature move

Ax Bomber / Tower Hacker Bomb / Elbow

Birthplace / date of birth

​Urawa / June 16, 1996

Debut (years since becoming a member of nkw)

April 27, 2019 "BATTLE OF SPRING"  


​ None


Former SWS student professional wrestling player. Joined nkw after retirement.

Although his physique is junior heavy, he has the power to throw away even players who are twice as big as himself, so he doesn't feel any difference in physique.

Elbows boast an order of magnitude destructive power.

​ In May 2019, I was invited by Kinu Minoru (currently Kido Minoru) to join the Elbow Union.

He is an ally with Dick Zuleta and organizes tag teams and entertainment together.

He likes plastic models and visual kei from the 90's, and is particular about hairstyles, makeup, and costumes.


・ Debuted in 2015 with SWS student wrestling. The 31st SWS World Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Participated in nkw for the first time in December 2016. After that, he continues to participate in the war on a regular basis.

Retired from SWS student wrestling in March 2019 and joined nkw in April of the following month.

Joined the Elbow Union in May of the same year. Members are Minoru Kido and Dick Zuleta.


・ April 2 Officially joined nkw .

・ May Joined the Elbow Union.

・ December 15th nkw 17th Anniversary Performance "WRESTLE STAR 2019" teamed up with Dick Zuleta to participate in the 15th nkw tag team title deciding match. The Great Small Fish & San Francisco Zaviwell are the opponents, and they fight in a hardcore format but lose.

After the match, he makes a mistake with his partner Dick.


・ February 22nd, "GET READY 2020" will be a single match with Dick . Reconciliation of what I lost.

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