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​ Jelly Jiggler

Midnight Thunder Boy



​Midnight Thunder Boy

height, weight

400g / 8kcal  


nkw / Sennin Hosogoshi / Victims' Association

signature move

Acrobina kick / octopus defeat

Birthplace / date of birth

​Kawasaki Rep / August-like September

Debut (years since becoming a member of nkw)

December 2017 "WRESTLE STAR 2017"  


​ None


He regularly participated in nkw as a free affiliation, but officially became a member of nkw in December 2017.

The fight style is "???". Play with your opponent in a tricky and crazy style that you can't read ahead.

Established "801 Kenichi Victims' Association" in 2018. He was working to relieve the humiliation he received from 801. In the spring of 19th, 801 was canceled from his contract with nkw, and since then he has been working as a "victims' association".

In May 19th, he formed the "Hosogoshi Sennintai" with Hosogoshi "Sennin" Yusuke as a general.



・ November 19th Participated in "Winter Pain 2017" as a free affiliation. 801 Kenichi wins a 3-way hardcore match with Chaos Streakman Jr.

Officially joined nkw on December 5th.

・ December 23 Participated in the 4way hardcore ladder match with GET THE CHANCE (GTC) at the nkw 15th anniversary performance " WRESTLE STAR 2017 ". This match will be the first match belonging to nkw.


Participated in the nkw Championship 6 Man Battle Royal Match at "GET READY 2018" on February 24th . It will be the first challenge to the throne, but I will be defeated in 2nd place.

​ ・ May 19th Challenge Lovevictim's nkw tag title for the first time at " MADNESS PARK 2018 " (partner is ONAKIN). He himself gets 3 counts and fails the challenge.

・ I was planning to join the nkw one-day tag tournament held at " BURN UP " on July 21 with a tag team called "811" with Kenichi 801, but I missed 801 just before. In a hurry, he entered the race with Nyo Doring as a partner and advanced to the B block semi-final, but was defeated by Mastermind (Mr.Money & YMD).


​ ・ May 18th At " MADNESS PARK 2019 ", Hosogoshi "Sennin" Yusuke and Hosogoshi Sennintai were formed to challenge Reika & Colon Care's nkw tag title. Failure.

・ July 7 " BURN UP 2019 " After the match, there will be an argument with the Elbow Union (Choco & Kido), and the next match will be played over Kido's MD title.

・ August 24 Challenge the MD title of Kido at " Dangerous Summer 2019 ". Although he fights well in the 8way, his partner, Sennin, loses the fall at the end.

・ December 15th nkw 17th Anniversary Performance " WRESTLE STAR 2019 " won the nkw cruiserweight title challenge right 4way match. While her partner, Sennin, is also participating in the war, a friendship breaks out. After the match, he is sent off with a quarrel.


​ ・ February 22 Participated in the performance as Hosogoshi Sennintai at " GET READY 2020 " with the persuasion of a hermit. Play against YMD & Paul Ishida and win. However, again during the match and after the match, there is a quarrel with friends.

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