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Nishizaki Yuuki

Self-proclaimed "villain"

Nishizaki Yuuki


​ Self-proclaimed "villain"

height, weight

176cm / 120kg  


nkw / MoneyFamily

signature move

Lariat / Guillotine Ace Crusher

Night ride

Birthplace / date of birth

​ Shinjo City, Yamagata Prefecture / May 7, 1988

Debut (years since becoming a member of nkw)

May 23, 2015 "MADNESS PARK 2015"  


​ None


A villainous wrestler who suddenly appeared in nkw. There are rumors that he has a criminal record, but in reality it is unknown.

He is good at power fighting with a weight of 120kg.

In the summer of 2015, he formed a team "BAD" (Born at Darkness) and was rampaging, but it was disbanded in March 2017.

From 2016, he regularly participates in "Pro Wrestling DEWA" based in Yamagata.

May 2018 Joined "Money Family" with "The Great Small Fish".

​Family Plays a part of the four heavenly kings.



・ Debuted at " MADNESS PARK 2015 " on May 23rd. Entry into the nkw champion tournament that was held at the performance from the debut match. Play against colon care in the first round of B block. He uses a weapon (pipe chair) himself and loses the foul.

・ July Formed a team "BAD" (Born at Darkness) with Sakai.

・ Participated in the nkw Ultra Burning Scramble Out Match held at " Dangerous Summer 2015 @ Naughty Summer Festival-Whale Mountain Top Battle !!- " on August 22nd, and won the remaining championship among the 30 teams. Acquired GTC (Get the Chance) rights and announced the challenge of Tomohiro Otani's nkw title at the next performance. If Nishizaki wins the match, Otani also proposes a request to enter BAD.

・ October 4th, exercise GTC rights at " Full Throttle ~ nkw Live in warabi 2015 ~ " and challenge Otani's nkw title. If he wins, he will take the throne and join Otani as a member of BAD, but he will be defeated. However, Otani loses to Nishizaki's enthusiasm and announces that he will join BAD and joins.


・ February 20th, participated in the nkw tag team championship deciding match that was revived at " Get Ready 2016-February has come again this year! " With Sakai. Even though I considered it during the 4way ladder match, I couldn't win the title.


・ February 25, participated in the nkw title deciding match at " GET READY 2017 ". In the triplet ladder format, he played against King Penguin and Mr. Money, but did not take them.

・ March 29 Dissolved the unit BAD.

・ November 19th " Winter Pain 2017 " 801 Kenichi, Chaos Streakman Jr., and Jelly Jiggler were scheduled to play in a hardcore match, but for some reason they didn't participate. Later information revealed that he could not participate because he was attacked by someone before the match.


・ Participated in the nkw Championship 6 Man Battle Royal Match at " GET READY 2018 " on February 24 (Champion: Money, other challengers: Reika, Jelly Jiggler, ONAKIN, YMD). He was sent off because he had repeated foul play in front of the referee.

・ May 19 "MADNESS PARK 2018"  nkwMD Participated in the MD Championship Hardcore 8way Match (Champion: Colon Care, Challenger: 801 Kenichi, Sakai, Ryo Asaoka, RYO, San Francisco Zaviwell, Kazu・ Shibano) but did not take the throne. Apart from the game, he was invited by Money to the Money Family and joined with Chaos Jr. (whose contents turned out to be The Great miscellaneous fish on this day) that he was working on at that time.

・ Participated in the nkw one-day tag tournament held at "BURN UP" on July 21 with a small fish and the tag team name "EE jump". In the first round of A block, he played against "Synthedai Army" (RYO & Ryo Asaoka) but was defeated.

・ October 14 "Full Throttle 2018" The backyard wrestling group XGF (XTREME GARBAGE FIGHTING), which was in conflict with the team Money Family to which it belongs, held a full-scale confrontation, but the result was no contest. It was thought that he would enter into a conflict again after all the games were over, but he formed a tie-up.

・ On December 22nd, he teamed up with YMD at " WRESTLE STAR 2018 " and participated in the nkw tag team championship 3way tag match (champion: Love Victim, challenger ONAKIN & Usushio Hosomenjiro), but he was not crowned.


・ Challenge RYO's XGF title at " BURN UP 2019 " on July 7th. During the match, Sakai, who was the nkw champion, breaks in and prevents Nishizaki from taking the throne. At the end, he loses in the ringout and misses the throne. After the main event, he robbed Sakai's nkw throne and escaped. The nkw title match will be organized at the next performance.

・ August 24, at " Dangerous Summer 2019 ", challenge Sakai's nkw throne in Part 1. Even though he fought fiercely for more than 20 minutes while the temperature exceeded 35 degrees Celsius, he could not win.

In the second part, he participated in the GET THE CHANCE scrambled out match but was eliminated.

・ November 3 Participated in " Tag Tournament 2019 " sponsored by professional wrestling DEWA, which he regularly participates in. Teamed up with Greed to challenge the championship deciding match and win. Won the first tag tournament victory.

・ On December 15th, at " WRESTLE STAR 2019 ", he played against his debut opponent, Colon Care, for the first time in about 4 years. Show off your grown ability and decorate the victory.


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