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The No. 1 man in the industry

Mr. Money


​ The No. 1 man in the industry

height, weight

172cm / 72kg  


nkw / MoneyFamily

signature move

Industry's No. 1 high kick / million shot

​ Bankrupt / Piledriver

Birthplace / date of birth

​Tokyo / August 20, 1987

Debut (years since becoming a member of nkw)

December 2002 "Love Money" * nkw launching box office


3rd nkw representative​

5th, 7th, 13th and 16th nkw champions

1st and 4th nkw cruiserweight champion

8th, 12th, 19th nkw Most Dangerous Champion

2nd nkw tag team champion (pt: The MSG)

​ 7th nkw Tag Team Champion (pt: One Corps & Destroy-Misaka)


nkw's first Grand Slam champion

nkw throne longest defense record holder (5 defenses / 2 years 6 months)


nkw launch (December 2002) member. The self-proclaimed industry's No. 1 man. "Industry is all the industry in which I am".

There are many rough attacks with a fight style that mainly focuses on high kicks.

Even during the match, he always talks and tries to taunt his opponent and take the mount. And even after the match, if you hold the microphone, you will not let go of it on stage.

The team "Money Family" has been reorganized many times.

・ May 17, 2014 nk

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