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Hosogoshi "Sennin" Yusuke

Sennin first grade

Hosokoshi "HERMIT" Yuusuke


​ Sennin 1st grade

height, weight



nkw / Sennin Hosogoshi

signature move


Birthplace / date of birth

It is said that it first appeared at the foot of Mt. Tai / in the Qing dynasty.

Debut (years since becoming a member of nkw)

August 2018 `` Dangerous Summer 2018''


​ None


It looks like a hermit.

​ Fight style is a classical wrestling based on ground technique.

Occasionally, I create a world that cannot be thought of by common sense and drag it into the hermit world.

From May 2019, he will form a team called "Hosogoshi Sennintai" with Jelly Jiggler and take the position of general.



・ Debuted at " Dangerous Summer 2018 " on August 25th. Victory by deciding a shocking backflip against the opponent without death. Decorate the first team with a white star.


・ On February 23, at "GET READY 2019" , I took on the nkw throne and nkw cruiserweight throne for the first time in the form of being reversely nominated by Sakai . Defeated by giving up after a deadly battle of over 25 minutes. The first challenge will be a failure.

・ May: Formed "Hosogoshi Sennintai" with Jelly Jiggler. Take the position of general himself.

・ May 18 " MADNESS PARK 2019 " Colon Care, Reika's nkw tag team title challenged Jelly Jiggler but lost.

・ On July 7th, at " BURN UP 2019 ", we will play against Chocot Sitainer and Minoru Kido in a tag (partner is Jelly Jiggler). Although he lost the foul because he used a weapon, he called in JAX, colon care, and Takeda Ryunosuke after the match and declared that he was a member of the Hosogoshi Sennin Corps, and appealed to Mingghan Kido's MD throne hunting next time.

・ August 24, Challenge the MD title of Minoru Kido in the second part of " Dangerous Summer 2019 ". In the chaotic game of 8way hardcore format, at the end he was sunk by Minoru Kido himself.

・ December 15th nkw 17th Anniversary Performance " WRESTLE STAR 2019 " participated in the nkw Cruiserweight Championship next challenger deciding match. I played against GT, Loincloth Devil, and Tensuke, who is also my teammate, but I didn't get it. After the match, he argues with Jelly Jiggler.


・ On February 22, at " GET READY 2020 ", he teamed up with Jelly Jiggler and played against YMD and Paul Ishida, but was defeated . He had a quarrel with Jelly Jiggler during the match, but after the match he had a quarrel and left with a disturbing atmosphere.

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