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height, weight

165cm / 60kg  


nkw / Waseda University Wrestling Club

signature move

Backdrop / Pedigree / Elbow

​ German Suplex Hold

Birthplace / date of birth

​ Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo / May 2, 1996

Debut (years since becoming a member of nkw)

February 2010 "CRAZY FACE"  


14th nkw Cruiserweight Champion​

​ 3rd XGF Champion


Active Waseda University student. He made his debut at nkw when he was a junior high school student.

Positive strong style, prefers games of the royal road era.

With a strong blow (especially an elbow) that cannot be imagined from a small body, he pushes his way.

​ In December 2012, he lost to 801 Kenichi in the loser name change match and named himself "Sandaime Macho Michaels". I returned to RYO a year later.

・ May 17, 2014 nk

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