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2017/2/25 / Sat / Koganei Minami Junior High School Gymnasium

☆ Performance results ☆

* 8 minutes 26 seconds Babylon → Fall

This performance started when "BAD" (Sakai & Yuuki Nishizaki) suddenly appeared in the previous story.

Each talks about their enthusiasm for the title match and their indefinitely unscrupulous companion "Tomohiro Otani", and finally "Sakai" reveals the secret of "GT" who is a participant in the nkw cruiserweight championship tournament. declaration. But of course it is "GT" that does not like it.

Immediately before the exposure, it stopped and developed into a dispute. "GT", who has boiled his work, volunteered for "Mr. Money" to let him play a match here. Money agreed and the A-block single match began. GT, which is the third race of his debut, tried to win by making a sharp kick without fail, but Sacai still has a minute. Attack the GT with lean movements and dodge dangerous scenes. In addition, he took a chance of the referee and used his fellow "Yuki Nishizaki" to finally win the victory with a cowardly hand. As a result, "Sakai" will advance to the final that will be held in May.

​ It was a pleasure for Sakai, but the referee "Joe Kajiwara" was beaten by two BADs as to what he didn't like after the match. The audience witnessed the horrifying side of Sacai.

On the other hand, GT thought that he would complain to Sakai who used his cowardly hands, but he said that it was due to his lack of ability and announced that he would miss the next May performance due to mountain training. I promised in front of the audience and players that I would be stronger and come back.

* 28 minutes 29 seconds Masada drop → fall

10 people with a wide variety of members such as students, working people, regulars, and first-timers ​ Tag match has 10 people and 10 colors. It was a match. "Guts Married Woman" who participated for the first time showed the power play as expected by making the best use of the huge body and crushing it with a big runaway at once. However, "Oja Macho Doremi" boasts a well-trained body that is not defeated by power. Lightly throw away opponents larger than you. "Thick and hard star, Kankuro Hoshi," was able to quickly and accurately kill the opponent and was about to win several times. If "ONAKIN", who will be participating for the third time, has issued a drop kick with a beautiful form, the regular participant "YMD" will show calm and upset the opponent and the audience with the appeal of "Y!". Of course, the sensual novel reading time was about to be held this time as well, but it was "Dick Zuleta" who put the hang of it. I tried to do a sensual novel reading time that not only cuts but also steals stocks, but unfortunately it was not as sloppy as a world-class sensual novel reader and was disturbed by other opponents. It is "Kiku / Mon Taro" that scratches more. I don't understand the world view at all, such as singing the nursery rhyme "Palm to the Sun" that everyone would have sung as a child while crossing their shoulders and defending as a team. It was "Kameda erection" that silenced the gate Taro this time. While toying with the opponent with inside work, he hit a sharp hit and crossed over with Gate Taro. Of course, "colon care" is the main axis of this game. However, an unexpected thug appears. The current SWS Hardcore Champion "Chocot Sitainer". He was aiming for a confrontation with Care, who holds the nkw MD throne, which is a symbol of nkw's hardcore. The exchange of hits that both sides do not draw. It was a stubborn care that controlled the incandescent confrontation where the flesh and bone-breaking sounds echoed throughout the venue. In the midst of the storm, Zuleta struck a gap when YMD, who was still able to afford it, tried to go to the finish.

* 19 minutes 00 seconds Spicoli driver → Fall

* The "ARFawkes" & "Laso-Chimbra" group will be the 11th nkw tag champion.

"AR Fawkes" was forced to miss for a long time after playing against him last summer. The absolute champion, "Insane Boyz," even said he would wait for his return and take revenge. A full rematch, but AR has entered alone. "It's a waste to have a partner who was previously announced as an" X "immediately, I'm enough. The nkw tag team championship battle has begun 2 to 1. It was an AR that boldly attacked with momentum and fighting spirit, but after all it was poor at 2 to 1 and it was inferior. Furthermore, using the hardcore rules, the champion team is on parade of weapon attacks. When I aimed at the back of my hand, which had not completely healed, and tried to destroy it again, a theme song came out. AR's ally "Laso-Cimbra" appeared dashingly there. Yes, they were supposed to be teaming up last summer, but they couldn't because of an AR injury. It's finally time for the two to come together, and that's the return match and the revenge match. The AR & Chimbra team gained even more momentum, but the two of Insane are the ones who can't let it go smoothly. Two people who are good at hardcore matches as well as ability as a tag team. However, somehow he started to get along with each other in the middle of the game. This was a win for the AR group. Peel off the team and target to 801. The 801 was also sticky, but the AR's two spicoli drivers, and finally the spicoli driver to the table was lost due to a bad push, and it finally went down. After the match, AR & Chimbra, who had a hard time winning, respected Insane and praised the good fights of both teams as they achieved their long-cherished wishes. Attention will be focused on going on a new tag road from now on.

Insane has finally lost. I wanted to celebrate the 1st anniversary by continuing to defend from the resurrection of the Tag throne a year ago, but that is no longer the case.

"Chaos Streakman Jr.", the founder and brain of Insane, spoke to 801 with a microphone.

"I lost because of you." "I lost because you are weak."

A shock ran to the venue. He even said, "Insane Boyz will dissolve." "I'll disturb you. Even if I quit this world, I'll continue to disturb you." Chaos Jr, who couldn't stand the 801 who was taken away and couldn't make a voice, was hit with a weapon. I shook off the stillness of the second and the referee and left the ring with the 801 bumpy.

​ Is the name tag team really disbanded here? It was the end that I was worried about their words and actions in the future.

* 12 minutes 22 seconds Sliding lariat → fall

"RYO" participated in the cruiserweight tournament B block. Furthermore, as for the player who was "X", the familiar player "Reversal Sawa" appeared in nkw. Although they are of different years, they have been dealing with various players in the same industry for many years. Moreover, these two are two who have hit several times before. In a sense, it seems easier to fight than the first hit, but you have to read each other and grab the victory because you know what you are doing.

Starting from a quiet rise, the offense and defense of the ground where the joints were held continued. RYO is also good at making good use of his body, but it is Rivazawa who has a share. Because he is from the MMA field. In addition, Rivazawa, who has recently been weighted up and has the nickname of Suplex Village, throws RYO lightly. However, RYO cannot be defeated either. Rivazawa, who has a wide variety of suplexes, throws back the newly worn Snap German Suplex. Rivazawa went ahead, but RYO's sharp blow was decided without missing a momentary opportunity, and he won the sliding lariat from his favorite pedigree.

​ This allowed RYO to advance to the final. In the May performance, Sakai and RYO will fight for the throne of the resurrection.

* 25 minutes 07 seconds "Mr.Money" seizes the belt

* "Mr. Money" becomes the 16th nkw champion.

The 15th nkw champion "Psycho Holiday" was canceled and the vacant throne was to be contested on the ladder.

"Mr. Money" is the prestige of the group, "King Penguin" is the long-cherished title, and "Yuki Nishizaki" is the BAD member "Tomohiro Otani". It was a fierce match where the thoughts of the three parties collided. The ladder was used not only to crush, throw, and slam with the ladder, but also to destroy the opponent thoroughly. Above all, Nishizaki's cruelty was amazing. Nishizaki didn't miss the key point when Money fell from the ladder to the rope. I hit the rudder again at the key point, and then I caught the leg, which is the axis of Money's attack, between the rudder and hit it with a pipe chair many times. Money was in agony and was dragging his legs to the end. The penguins, on the other hand, skillfully use the ladder to hit Nishizaki, who has fallen, by turning the ladder half a turn. I caught Money trying to fly from the ladder and went to Brainbuster. However, Nishizaki throws a penguin from below with a power bomb and destroys them at once. However, about a year after joining nkw, the penguins made a leap and dived from the ladder to Nishizaki. While everyone was unconscious, Money provoked Nishizaki at the end of the game, saying, "If you don't defeat me, Otani won't be revived. So come on." Nishizaki responded to that and insisted that "I'll go over the high wall". Money had the upper hand, but Sakai broke in and stopped. Nishizaki fired Lansarce to hit the chain lariat and even the ladder to completely destroy Money. I thought Nishizaki could go get the belt with this, but the penguins wouldn't give it up. From the offense and defense on the ladder, the penguins quickly decided to use the diamond cutter. The penguins were the last to stand up while both damages remained. Finally, the long-desired belt was in front of me ... this man was still there. Yes, Money is crawling up. It was a monetary attack that pulled the penguins' legs and put them out with a plow. The man who came here, used his sighing hand and never missed a chance, immediately caught the belt. He controlled the deadly battle, raised his belt on the ladder, smiled with a fearless smile, and was intoxicated with the victory.

I understood all the meanings after the match. The worst has happened.

After the match, he picked up the microphone and said to Nishizaki, Money.

"Unfortunately I couldn't win the throne, so I haven't lifted Otani's decency.

"I was the one who canceled the contract for Psycho Holiday. I always got angry."

What exactly does that mean? There was only disturbing air at the venue.

"I was too sweet. I was too kind, so I ended up in this state. So I'll rebuild. The weak one will be fired."

It was a dictatorship declaration. In order to make it a strong organization, he said that he would throw away those who didn't need it and leave only talented people.

"We will fight for the nkw throne, but we won't appoint you, because you're all lacking in ability and don't deserve me."

"Challengers will take it. Give it to what they want. I will let them know for themselves."

"This industry is no good. Revive the Money Family to create a utopia."

At the end, Money alone gave the closing slogan without raising the participating players and players to the ring, and the February performance ended.

​ We may have been on a ship in the dark. .. ..

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