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LA $ T BO $$



LA $ T BO $$ / The Hooligan_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

height, weight

181cm / 60kg  


nkw / N4H (Nukui, 4, Horsemen)

signature move

Birthplace / date of birth

​ Ibaraki Prefecture / September 6, 1984

Debut * Years since becoming a member of nkw

August 2009 "Dangerous Summer"


14th nkw MD champion

16th nkw cruiserweight champion

​ 17th nkw champion


Soccer supporter character.

However, the match is no longer a supporter but a hooligan.

In 2015, entered the heel unit "BAD" (Born at Darkness) made by "Yuki Nishizaki"

It was rampaging with " Tomohiro Otani ", but it was disbanded in March 2017.

​ May 2017 Won the nkw Cruiserweight Championship Revival Tournament and become the 16th nkw Cruiserweight Champion.

In November of the same year, he formed "Large Intestine Care," "Reika," "Kyoushirou," and "New Nukui for Horsemen (N4H)."



・ In August , nkw debuted as "Sakai (pseudonym)" at " Dangerous Summer 2009 ". With "Kiku / Mon Taro" as a partner, he will also play against "Onan Boy" (currently Kazuya Osawa) & "JJJJ" (currently JAX).


2010 _
・ In February, at " CRAZY FACE ~ Wolfs are coming 2010 ~ ", challenge the nkw throne of "Moriharuomi" in a 3-way match (the other is Psycho Holiday ). The result is a successful defense of Harumi Mori, but he demands a deathmatch on Holiday .

・ In March, " Spring ☆ Punch !!-Wolf's March 2010 " was scheduled to have a hardcore single match with Holiday, but "Mr. Money" rushed into the nkwMD title for 15 minutes. Forced change to. Holiday wins at the end while other players also intrude and it becomes a brawl game with a large number of people. Dissatisfied with the result, he demands a thumbtack deathmatch from his holiday partner at the next performance . In addition, he will serve as a referee for Mori Harumi vs. Money in the main event, but will forcibly end the match with a restraint count in collusion with Mori. After the match, he formed "N4H" (Nukui For Horsemen) with Skull Madness (currently Kyoushirou) and Greatman NEO (currently Reika).

・ May Ring name changed from "Sakai (pseudonym)" to "Sakai" .
・ May 29, nkw's first thumbtack death match was held at " Madness Park 2010-In Love with the Wolfs ". Victory by fighting with Holiday for the MD title. Became the 14th MD champion.
・ August 21st, MD Championship Defense Battle, Kadjar Annaka (currently Daichi Kazato), Crazy Small Fish (currently Great Small Fish), Morning Insertion (HWWA), SAGAT, Ladder against Monster Anus at " Dangerous Summer 2010 " Rumble match and successful defense.
・ October 17th, " Les Miserables 2010 ", a successful defense against crazy miscellaneous fish in the MD title battle.
・ On December 19th, at " Last End 2010 ~ 123456789 ~ ", the MD title battle was held against RYO and the defense was successful.


2011 _
・ March 2011 " Spring ☆ Punch 2011 " Defensive failure even though the MD title battle was held against Super Maskman.
* After that, he will be absent indefinitely due to various reasons.


2013 _
・ August 24, urgently participated in "Dangerous Summer 2013". Participated in the Tag Termoil Match in collaboration with the 3rd generation Macho Michaels (currently RYO).


2014 _
・ May 17th " REVIVE ~ nkw is back! ~ " Participated in the hardcore match 6WAY match. From here, nkw will return in earnest.


2015 _
・ August Joined the unit "BAD" (Born at Darkness) created by Yuuki Nishizaki.

2016 _
・ Challenge the nkw throne held by Tomohiro Otani at " MADNESSPARK 2016 " on May 21 (3way match including King Penguin). I didn't lose directly, but I failed the challenge.
・ On October 16th, I tried the MD title of colon care at " FULL THROTTLE 2016 " but failed.


2017 _
・ February 25, " GET READY 2017 " nkw Cruiserweight Championship Tournament 1st round A block wins against GT. Advance to the final.

・ March The unit " BAD " to which he belongs is dissolved.

・ May 27, " MADNESS PARK 2017 " nkw Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Wins the tournament by defeating RYO in the final. Became the 16th nkw cruiserweight champion.

・ August 26, " Dangerous Summer 2017 @ Naughty Summer Festival-Extreme heat! Whale mountain eruption !!- " challenged the MD title of colon care, but was eliminated (hardcore format 8way match).

・ November 19th, "N4H (Nukui for Horsemen)" was formed with Colon Care, Reika, and Kyoushirou at " Winter Pain 2017 ".

2018 _

・ On February 24, at " GET READY 2018 ", a cruiserweight title defense battle was held against San Francisco Zaviwell and the first defense was successful.
・ On May 19th, I challenged the MD title of colon care (hardcore 8way match) at " MADNESS PARK 2018 " but failed.
・ Although he participated in the nkw one-day tag tournament held at " BURN UP " on July 21 with ONAKIN, he lost the first round. He also participated in the MD Championship Special Battle Royal Match, but did not take the title.

・ Succeeded in defending the cruiserweight title against RYO at " Full Throttle 2018 " on October 14th. On the same day, Mr. Money announced his challenge when he recruited his own nkw throne challenger. It is decided to play a single match at the performance in December.
・ December 22 " WRESTLE STAR 2018 " Mr. Money's nkw throne, representation right, own cruiserweight throne, and if lost, nkw will be banished and a single match will be held. Victory after a fierce battle for 30 minutes. Successful defense of the cruiserweight championship, acquisition of representation, and becoming the 17th nkw king. At the next performance, he announced that he would play a defense battle against the challenger, "Hosogoshi" Sennin "Yusuke".


2019 _
・ February 23, " GET READY 2019 " nkw Championship / Cruiserweight Championship, single match with Hosogoshi "Sennin" Yusuke, and successful defense. Nominate GT as the next challenger.

・ On April 27, at " BATTLE OF SPRING ", he played a single match with GT for the nkw title and cruiserweight title, and succeeded in defending for the second time. Nominate Dick Zuleta (affiliation: free) as the next challenger.

・ On May 18th, at " MADNESS PARK 2019 ", he won the nkw throne and played a single match with Dick Zuleta and succeeded in defending for the third time. After the match, King Penguin and Kiku / Kado Taro announced their challenges and declared that they would play the next 3way match.
・ On July 7th, at " BURN UP 2019 ", a 3-way match with King Penguin and Kiku / Kado Taro will be held for the nkw and cruiserweight titles. The cruiserweight title has been successfully defended for the sixth time and the nkw title has been successfully defended for the fourth time. After the match, Yuuki Nishizaki breaks in and robs the nkw throne belt.
・ August 24, " Dangerous Summer 2019 " Succeeded in defending the nkw title for the fifth time against Yuuki Nishizaki.
・ December 15 " WRESTLE STAR 2019 " Infant Nagata (affiliation: NYPW) exercised GTC rights and announced his challenge to the nkw title. The originally planned 3way match including RYO and Minoru Kido has been changed to the nkw Championship 4way match including Nagata Infant. Infant Nagata lost 3 counts and failed to defend.

2020 _

・ February 22 " GET READY 2020 " nkw throne ・ Cruiserweight throne and single match with GT, but defeated.

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