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King penguin

King penguin


Born and raised in Iwaki, Antarctica

​ Height / Weight

163cm / 70kg

Membership of professional institutions

IWP (Iwaki Wrestling Project) * Double affiliation with nkw

signature move

​ Onahama sea drop

Tag team

​ Love Victim (ptr. Kiku / Gate Taro)

​ Date of birth

May 7, 1987


​ Unknown


February 21, 2016 "Get Ready" * Years since becoming a member of nkw

Throne career

12th nkw tag team champion (ptr. Kiku / Mon Taro)


A wrestler based in Iwaki.

January 2016 Became a double affiliation of "nkw" and " IWP ".

Is it possible to make a big wave of cheers on the ring by making the best use of mobility though the body is small?

In February 2018, he formed a tag team "Love Victim" with "Kiku / Mon Taro" and became the 12th nkw tag team champion.

​ Relentless harassment from "Phantom Kajiwara".

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