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San Francisco Zaviwell

San Francisco Zaviwell


Self-proclaimed mysterious American / fighting evangelist

​ Height / Weight

177cm / 58kg

signature move

Destino / Moonsault Press


Membership of professional institutions


​ Date of birth

not clear


San Francisco, California, United States


August 2017 "Dangerous Summer"

Throne career

26th nkw Most Dangerous Champion​


I'm from San Francisco, California, USA.
In order to spread his beloved professional wrestling to the world, he was engaged in dissemination activities in the back alleys.
I came to Japan this time and joined nkw to spread it further.

However, the origins and activities are all "self-proclaimed" and clearly unidentified.
It's full of suspicions from the name, fluency in Japanese, and good use of chopsticks, but no one pursues it.

He also has boxing experience and has a strong fist. He also has inexhaustible stamina due to rumors that he has experience as a ranger.

Fight style is hardcore & aerial killing method.

October 2018 Challenge the nkwMD title of "Ryo Asaoka". During the match, he was assisted by "XGF" wrestlers and seized the title.

Became the 26th champion, and then transferred to "XGF" by electric shock.

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