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Large intestine care

Large intestine care

Daicho Care


Sloppy body of fear

​ Height / Weight

178cm / 93kg

signature move

Stuka Splash / Atomic Drop

Large intestine hammer

Affiliated team

N4H (Nukui for Horsemen)

​ Date of birth

January 1, 1992


Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture


August 2014 "Dangerous Summer 2014"
* Years since becoming a member of nkw

Throne career

​ 24th nkw Most Dangerous Champion


A player who originally belonged to NUWA (Nihon University Professional Wrestling Study Group).
After graduating from university, he won the rumble match held at the performance in May 2014, exercised his get-the-chance right, and declared himself to join "nkw".

He is the same age as "Kyoushirou" and is usually on good terms.

November 2017 Formed "Sacai", "Reika", "Kyoushirou" and "New Nukui for Horsemen (N4H)".

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