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Mr. Money


The No. 1 man in the industry

​ Height / Weight

172cm / 70kg

Affiliated team


signature move

Million Shot / Industry's No. 1 High Kick

Pile driver

​ Date of birth

August 20, 1987




December 2002 * Enrolled since the launch of nkw

Throne career

5th, 7th, 13th, 16th nkw throne

1st and 4th nkw Cruiserweight Championship

8th, 12th, 19th nkw Morse and Dangerous Throne

2nd and 7th nkw tag team title


nkw's first Grand Slam champion

nkw throne longest defense record holder

(Defense frequency 5 times Retention period 2 years 6 months)

3rd nkw representative (owner)


Self-proclaimed "No. 1 man in the industry". It seems that "the industry's No. 1 industry is all the industry in which I am."

I have belonged to "nkw" since its establishment, and now it is the oldest stock. He is also a former representative.

He is good at kicking, and his fight style is fighting. I like to talk and curse as soon as I open my mouth. Anyway, it looks great.

From the resurrection of "nkw" in 2014, it seemed to be a representative of fellowship, but it changed suddenly at the performance in February 2017.

​ Declared to become an arrogant dictator and change "nkw".

In August of the same year, he played a single match with "YMD" and formed "Money Family" after the match.

The following year, May 2018, "Great miscellaneous fish" and "Yuki Nishizaki" also joined "Money Family".

"SINDICATE" and "Money Family" have formed a partnership with "Kono Show" belonging to "RAW".

In addition, we will form a tie-up with "XGF", an organization belonging to "Great Small Fish".

In December 2018, he was defeated in a single combat with "Sakai" and lost both the nkw throne and the representative right.

​ I often participate in the professional wrestling group "CWP", and I am rampaging with my own face.

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