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​ King Penguin

Born and raised in Iwaki, Antarctica

King Penguin


Born and raised in Iwaki, Antarctica_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

height, weight

163cm / 70kg  


nkw / IWP (Iwaki Wrestling Project)

​ Love Phantom

signature move

​ Onahama sea drop

Birthplace / date of birth

​Unknown / May 7, 1987

Debut * Years since becoming a member of nkw

February 21, 2016 "Get Ready"  


・ The 12th nkw tag team champion (ptr. Kiku / Kado Taro)


A wrestler based in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture.

From January 2016, he will be a double affiliation of "nkw" and "IWP".

Although the body is small, it makes use of mobility and creates a big wave of cheers on the ring.

​History _


・ August 22 Participated in nkw for the first time at " Dangerous Summer 2015 @ Naughty Summer Festival-Whale Mountain Top Battle !!- ".


・ January 6 Officially joined nkw. Became a double affiliation with IWP.
・ February 20th, "Get Ready 2016-February has come again this year!-", The first match as a member of nkw. nkw Champion, Tomohiro Otani is challenged but defeated.
・ May 21 "
MADNESSPARK 2016 " "One person regular army" and challenge the nkw throne again, but suffer a second time.
・ October 16th, " FULL THROTTLE 2016 " and "Masatoshi Onodera" (IWP) teamed up to challenge the nkw tag team title of "Insane Boyz" (801 Kenichi & Chaos Streakman jr) but lost.


2017 _
・ On February 25, he participated in the nkw title decision ladder match at " GET READY 2017 " but was defeated.

Challenge the nkw throne of "Mr. Money" at " Winter Pain 2017 " on November 19th . Unfortunately, he suffers a defeat.

2018 _

・ February 24 " GET READY 2018 " The nkw tag team title held by Ryo Asaoka and Laso-Chimbra (Utsunomiya NUWA) will be returned due to Asaoka's injury and will be vacant and the decisive battle will be held. Teamed up with Kiku / Kado Taro (Super Original) to challenge the championship match, defeating opponent Laso Chimbra & Hatmask (DPW) and becoming the 12th nkw tag team champion. From here, he started working as a tag team "Love Victim" with Gate Taro.
Succeeded in defending against "Jelly Jiggler" & "ONAKIN" at " MADNESS PARK 2018 " on May 19th .
・ July 21 " BURN UP " nkw Participated in the one-day tag tournament as Love Victim, but lost in the A block semi-final.
・ On December 22nd, at " WRESTLE STAR 2018 ", a 3-way tag match defense battle was held against opponents of "Yuki Nishizaki" & "YMD", "ONAKIN" & "Usushio Hosomenjiro", but ONAKIN & Usushio Hosomenjiro Won and failed to defend.


2019 _
・ On February 23, at " GET READY 2019 ", he challenged the nkw tag title as a love victim, but was defeated.
・ On April 27, after the eight-player tag game of "BATTLE OF SPRING" was over, the penguins announced "Love Victim's activity suspension for growth".
・ May 18th
"GET THE CHANCE" right acquisition at " MADNESS PARK 2019 " Participation in 4way match was also defeated. The right is acquired by Gate Taro. After the main event, he announced his challenge to the nkw throne of "Sakai", but Taro also announced his challenge with GTC rights. The nkw Championship 3way match will be decided at the next (July) performance.

・ July 7 " BURN UP 2019 " Succeeded in weight loss and tried to challenge the nkw title and the nkw cruiserweight title at the same time, but failed. The result is Sacai's defense.

・ December 15th " WRESTLE STAR 2019 " Win a single match with the long-awaited Mon Taro. Declared a restart as Kado Taro and Love Victim, and reconciled with Phantom Kajiwara. From 2020, he declared that he would work as a "love phantom" consisting of Gate Taro, Phantom Kajiwara, and Penguins.

2020 _

​ ・ February 22 " GET READY 2020 " Challenge the nkw tag title of The Great Small Fish & San Francisco Zaviwell as a love phantom. At the end, the mask is taken off and it is rolled up and defeated.

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