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Minoru Kido

Like a snake



Like a snake  

height, weight

178cm / 80kg  


nkw / Elbow Union

signature move

Abashiri / Dirty / Siberian feed

Birthplace / date of birth

​ Wakayama Prefecture / July 31st

Debut * Years since becoming a member of nkw

February 23, 2019 "GET READY"  


The 28th nkw Most Dangerous throne


Kansai dialect deathmatch fighter. He has a rough temperament and has a quick fight.

Originally, I belonged to a student professional wrestling organization called wcross, a professional wrestling martial arts study group at Bukkyo University in Kyoto.

I love "wrestling," "rock," and "variart."

​History _


・ August 25 Suddenly rushed into the scrambled out match of "Dangerous Summer 2018 @ Naughty Summer Festival".

Appeal to participate in nkw by making the participating players bumpy.

・ October 14th, officially participated in " Full Throttle 2018 ". Teamed up with Kiku / Mon Taro and King Penguin, and played against Colon Care, Reika, ONAKIN. After the match, he fights with Reika.
​ ・A single match with Reika will be held at " WRESTLE STAR 2018 " on December 22nd . After the match, he announced that he would join nkw in response to Reika's microphone.
Here, nkw officially joins.


・ On February 23, at " GET READY 2019 ", he teamed up with Chocot Sitainer to win the right to challenge the nkw tag team title.

・ April 27, " BATTLE OF SPRING " will play against Great Small Fish & San Francisco Zaviwell (pt: Chocot Sitainer). After a big brawl after the match, Zaviwell was nominated to play the nkw MD title deciding match with the Great Small Fish. In response to that, participation in the MD title deciding match will be decided at the next performance.
・ On May 18th, at "
MADNESS PARK 2019 ", he won the vacant MD title and made a deathmatch with the Great Small Fish. Became the 28th nkw MD champion.
On the same day, he formed a unit called "Elbow Union" with Choco.
・ May 27
Renamed from "Kinu Minoru" to "Kido Minoru".
Dick Zuleta joins the "Elbow Union" on July 7th at " BURN UP 2019 ".
・ August 24, "
Dangerous Summer 2019 " MD Championship Championship 8way Hardcore match, the first defense battle was done, and the first defense was successful.
・ December 15 nkw 17th Anniversary Performance "
WRESTLE STAR 2019 " was scheduled to have a non-title 3way match against Sakai and RYO, but Nagata Infant rushed in and used GTC's rights to rush to the nkw title. It will be changed to a match. It was the first challenge for the nkw throne.

The challenge was unsuccessful, although it was not directly related to victory or defeat.


・ On February 22nd, at " GET READY 2020 ", I met a plan to hold my own MD title defense battle against the unannounced "X", but I met a surprise attack on Reversal Sawa just before the performance. And Reversal Sawa was announced as a challenger with the contents of X. The match was a victory after a fierce battle. It was the second successful defense.

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