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​Check out this image for event details!

​Event name: Spring chateau toast festival

​Date and time: Saturday, March 2, 202413:00-17:00

Scheduled match time

・First match: 14:00

・2nd match: 15:00

venue:Chateau Koganei 1F Shopping Street (6-5-3 Honmachi, Koganei City, Tokyo 184-0004)

Access: 6 minutes walk from the south exit of Musashi-Koganei Station on the JR Chuo Line

​ Fee: Free

Seating type: standing room

​ *There will be no YouTube live streaming of this performance.


Match 1 NKW Championship Singles Match 1Main match

23rd champion




Chaos Streakman Jr.

0302_6-person tag 2.png

2nd match Chateau Koganei style 6-man tag story fight match Ippon match

Chocot Sitaina-

TERU Oshima(CWP)

Chateau the Koganei Jr.



el guitar zamurai


*Each match will be mat wrestling format.


・If you feel unwell while watching the game, please contact the nearest staff member.
- Players may come out of the ring during the match, which is very dangerous. In that case, please get up from your seat and move away from the players.
・Photography, videos, etc. are all OK. Please post it on SNS as well.
・The tag on SNS will be #nkwres.


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