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Date: Saturday, February 20, 2016
Venue: Koganei Minami Junior High School Gymnasium

The February performance of nkw, which announces the arrival of spring, "Get Ready 2016-February has come again this year!-" Was held on February 20th at the Koganei City Minami Junior High School Gymnasium. The day was overcrowded despite the worst conditions of cold rain. The venue was full of excitement due to the many hot battles that blew away the cold.

≪First match≫ Tag match

"AR Forks & RYO" VS "Kameda Erection & Ketsumed Yone (Anal Turtles / NUWA)"

AR Forks



Kameda erection

Ketsumed Yone

"× AR Forks & RYO" VS "Anal Turtles (Kameda Erection & ○ Ketsumed Yone)" (NUWA)
* 15 minutes 03 seconds Animal Hello


The famous tag team in the academic professional world has won the record! The breathtaking Anal Turtles did not take the initiative, and finally won the union technique "Animal Hello". On the other hand, AR & RYO did well, but somehow awkwardness was conspicuous, and he remained unable to take effective measures.


Youthful "middle" wrestling was unfolded. The early stages are quiet and slow wrestling that explores each other.

Gradually, the Anal Turtles pulled in the pace and took the initiative. At the end of the game, there was a scene where AR attacked Kameda with a focus on big moves, but at the end, he was defeated by "Animal Hello (a combination of chokeslam and gunstan)" from the rush of angry anal turtles. After the match, AR and RYO once again argued over whether to change the team name to "New Generation Army" or "New Generations", but the decision on the team name was shelved. For the time being, it seems that they have settled by doing "mutual follow-up on Twitter".

The future will be watched.

≪Second match≫ Special single match

"Large intestine care " VS "Kyoushirou"

Large intestine care



○ "Large intestine care" VS x "Kyoushirou"

* 10 minutes 00 seconds Nelson Hold


Since the ally confrontation since the academic professional, the colorectal care has been promoted. A classical battle that makes full use of each other's professional wrestling heads. At the end, Care won with a full Nelson Hold, but Kyoushirou, who lost, had more than enough chances to win, and the difference was a single piece of paper.


In the early stages, the ground wrestling of the "royal road" was developed, in which "the place where it can be mastered is immediately mastered", such as neck to arm and arm to foot. Kyoushirou has a slight advantage, but care is also defeated. A classical wrestling woven by two people. The eyes of the audience were just on the ring. Breathtaking offense and defense. The flow of the game went on slowly but surely. If Kyoushirou delivers a face crusher or drop kick, care will also deliver a one-legged hammer or atomic drop. The audience was drawn in and cheered by the classic yet compelling techniques. At the end, Care defeats Kyoushirou with a full Nelson Hold. The "professional wrestling head", a good caregiver who sublimated the full Nelson hold, which tends to be a connecting technique, into a special technique, shined brightly. In addition, the defeated Kyoushirou also showed the audience how he was still alive. It was a wonderful match that I wanted to see again and again.

≪Third Match≫ nkwMD Championship 3way Deathmatch

Champion "Takeda Ryunosuke" VS "Dusty Thorodes" (SWS Student Wrestling) VS "Mr.Money"

Takeda Ryunosuke


Dusty So Rhodes



× "Takeda Ryunosuke" VS "Dusty Thorodes" (SWS student wrestling) VS ○ "Mr.Money"

* 22 minutes 46 seconds Million shot on a concrete block

Mr. Money becomes the 23rd nkw MD champion.


It was also industry 1-Ending the bloody battle, Mr. Money succeeded in crowning the MD title for the fourth time. Show off the strength of the reception, and at the end, a splendid victory from Takeda with a million shot. Takeda also chopped up his forehead and showed his strength of determination, but it was a step short. Dusty also performed the skills of fellow academic professionals, but could not seize the opportunity.


This match was recruited for pushpins in advance. Thousands of pushpins gathered on the day. Pushpins and items popped out in the game, and the spectators were intoxicated by the fierce battle. At the time of admission, Takeda brought a block with a blade, Dusty brought a barbed wire board, and Money brought a wooden sword to the ring. A lot of items of three kinds and three kinds. What kind of battle will be fought in the future-the venue was filled with such expectations. From the beginning, the three people fully met their expectations. Glittering thumbtacks scattered evenly on the ring. Taking bumps on it was just the beginning. Takeda fills Dusty's mouth with a thumbtack and knuckles. Dusty crashes a concrete block on Money's back. Money hits Takeda on the block with the blade. The audience was just surprised at the offense and defense that conveys the intentions of the three. As the match progressed, the bodies of the three were unknowingly full of wounds. For Takeda, I cut my forehead with a blade. A truly spectacular match. When Takeda set up an avalanche brainbuster, Dusty was mixed with each other's determination to set up Takeda's skills among academic professionals. It was Money that overcame such a development and put an end to the fierce battle. Punching Dusty's head with a chair to drive him away, Takeda is a Gotch-type pile driver on the block. And I won the pinfall with Million Shot with Block. Money regained the MD title to nkw in a deadly aerial flight and became the new champion. After all this man was the first in the industry. In the post-match microphone, Money praised Takeda and Dusty, "It was fun. Come on if you want to do it again." However, there is no particular statement about the future, and the MD Championship front is likely to continue to be confused.

≪Fourth Match≫ Semifinal nkw Championship Single Match

Champion "King Penguin" VS Challenger "King Penguin" (nkw / IWP)

Tomohiro Otani


King penguin

Champion ○ "Tomohiro Otani" VS Challenger x "King Penguin" (nkw / IWP)

* 17 minutes 07 seconds Lariat

Tomohiro Otani defends for the second time.


The villainous king, Otani, succeeded in defending for the second time by defeating the challenger, King Penguin. While making full use of the power of evil, he exerts his own power. At the end, he flashed his arm and won. The penguins also did well, but wept before the horsepower of the king.


The baby-faced king penguin of nkw1 was burning with a fighting spirit. Be sure to return the belt to the regular army-it was at the box office last December that I decided to do so. A penguins who rescued RYO who was hitting a bag from a stubborn BAD with his own face. In his heart, he was angry with the villainy BAD. On the other hand, the villainous champion, Otani, enters with Sakai and Nishizaki, who are members of BAD. There should be a shining nkw throne on his waist, but why not? Apparently I forgot. From this point of view, I have to say that it is a heel. In the early stages, penguins will play Otani with various arm whips and fine inside work. The audience's eyes were glued to the flowing move. It seemed that the penguins would grab the pace as it was, but Otani pulled the BAD onto the ring and slammed the penguins. However, the penguins burning in the overthrow BAD escaped from the predicament on their own. When Otani, Sakai, and Nishizaki are driven under the ring, a splendid Topecon Hero. The villain was kicked off with a brilliant and persuasive aerial killing method. From here, the penguins attack Otani with a fly lariat, an arm-shaped jabe, and a rounding. After all it is a king even if it is called a heel. The depth of the bosom was outstanding. After receiving all the penguins' angry attacks, the ascension of the counter flashes a powerful arm. He won the pinfall from the penguins at the lariat and succeeded in defending for the second time. Otani's post-match microphone was hard to hear. He told me why he forgot his belt and left the ring. On the other hand, the penguins expressed their determination to "protect nkw as a regular army alone." It looks like he has declared war on BAD again. What will happen to the nkw ring? I have high expectations for the future.

≪Fifth Match≫ Main Event-Resurrection of the Tag Championship! ~

nkw Tag Team Championship Championship 4way Ladder Match

"Insane Boys" VS "BAD (Sakai & Yuuki Nishizaki)" VS  "Psycho Holiday & Chinkas Khan" VS "Kiku / Mon Taro & Left Turn Shotaro (Super Original)"

Insane Boyz

Psycho Holiday

Chinkas Khan



Nishizaki Yuuki


Chrysanthemum, Gate Taro & Left Turn Shotaro

○ "Insane Boys" VS "BAD (Sakai & Yuuki Nishizaki)" VS "Psycho Holiday & Chinkas Khan" VS "Kiku / Mon Taro & Left Turn Shotaro (Super Original)"

* 33 minutes 53 seconds Chaos Streakman jr seizes the belt

Insane Boyz becomes the 10th nkw tag team champion.


It was the Insane Boys who put the bar on the "chaos" battle of the four parties. 801 did not give in even though it was made meta-meta by Suori. Chaos Streakman who fought quietly and steadily to take the belt. The depth of the bond between the two conflicting people is the factor of victory. On the other hand, each team struggled, but unfortunately they lost the victory, probably because of Suori's freedom.


It was exactly "chaos". A team of four people and four people met on the ring. Insane Boys is popular for its unique style that is hard to describe. Evil heel unit BAD. Decluttering man, Psycho and Chinkas. And the genius Kikumon Taro and Shotaro turning left. A battle like "turning over the toy box" by these four teams was unfolded. The rule for this match is to use the ladder in the center of the ring and take the belt hanging from the ceiling to win. This ladder played a big role. In the early stages, Chaos Streakman hooked a rudder around his neck and cleaned the ring in a "terry funk state". I flew out of the hall.

A terrifying attack was unfolded here. Shotaro suddenly took out the hina-arare and pushed it into his mouth with Kikumon Taro and the second. I was preparing the second arrow while the 801 was writhing. It was Tabasco. I poured an unthinkable amount of Tabasco into my mouth. 801 that is so painful that it flutters around. It's a ridiculous sight that you wouldn't see in a normal grass professional. During this time, each team climbs the ladder and tries to take the belt, but it gets in the way. Then, once again, in a "fantastic" offense and defense. He carried the stepladder like a portable shrine and faced off in a horse fight. Allied Forces of Suori Insane VS BAD Psycho and Chinkas Allied Forces. The generals are Kikumon Taro and Chinkashan. They messed up each other, but the winner was the Suori Insane Allied Forces.

Even after returning to the ring, the "fantastic" offense and defense continued. We worship each other in a mixed manner. As soon as that was over, the ladder was flooded. Here, dangerous attacks such as the cliff-type Kawazu gake from the ladder occurred one after another. It was the Insen Boys who put a stop to such a chaotic fight. When I climbed the ladder, I took the belt in the blink of an eye. The audience welcomed the new champion with a voice of surprise and joy.


After the match, Psycho Holiday and Kikumon Taro start a brawl. Psycho unleashes a dangerous high-angle German without stopping around, making it a rough development. At Mike, Taro Kikumon sweared "this healthy bastard" and demanded a confrontation. Super original, which is currently one of the major forces of nkw. I would like to pay attention to future trends.

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