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Destroy Misaka

Nickname Yoyogi Animation Gaku's Lethal Weapon / Industry's No. 2 Man

Height 167 cm

Weight 65kg

Date of birth
Hometown Yoyogi Studio Specialty     Destroy Neckbreaker

Death Sleeper German Suplex

Enrollment July 2010-April 2012 Affiliation unit Money Family
Throne history     7th nkw tag team throne


He's just kidding, but he's a weirdo who occasionally makes serious remarks and annoys others.

He says, "I'm a genius," but he's just a twister. He specializes in techniques that make use of his physical abilities.

With a unique sense and charisma, it surprises spectators and opponents.
In the past, he belonged to "MoneyFamily" and was called "the No. 2 man in the industry" by "Mr.Money" at that time.

In February 2012, he decided to retire himself because he was retiring. After that, the whereabouts are unknown.

He was the same age as "Skull Madness", "Large Intestine Care", and "Blood Show Hidaka", and he often made noise.
The shout is "Destroy!"

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