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The hooligan

​ Height / Weight

181cm / 59kg

Affiliated team

N4H (Nukui For Horsemen)

signature move


​ Date of birth

September 6, 1984


Ibaraki Prefecture


August 2009 "Dangerous Summer"

Throne career

14th nkw Most Dangerous Champion
​ 16th nkw Cruiserweight Champion

​ 17th nkw champion


After returning, he turned into a soccer supporter character for some reason.

However, the match is no longer a supporter but a hooligan.

In 2015, he entered the heel unit "BAD" (Born at Darkness) made by "Yuki Nishizaki " ​ " Tomohiro Otani " and three people were rampaging, but in 2017 3 Disbanded in the moon.

​ May 2017 Won the nkw Cruiserweight Championship Revival Tournament and become the 16th nkw Cruiserweight Champion.

In November of the same year, he formed "Large Intestine Care," "Reika," "Kyoushirou," and "New Nukui for Horsemen (N4H)."

December 2018 Challenge the nkw throne of "Mr. Money" and seize the nkw representative right together.

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