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​ Height / Weight

165cm / 60kg

Membership of professional institutions


signature move

Petty Gree / Figure-four

Front neck lock

​ Date of birth

May 2, 1996


Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo


February 2010 "CRAZY FACE"

Throne career

14th nkw Cruiserweight Champion


Active Waseda University student. A fierce man who has been on this path since he was a junior high school student.

He likes orthodox strong-style games and often hits.

Contrary to the small body, the strength of the hit is abnormal.

From a social point of view, the future is worrisome, but nkw's expectations are high.

In December 2012, he lost to 801 Kenichi in the loser name change match, and was renamed to "Sandaime Macho Michaels".

He was the same age as "Ryo Asaoka" and had a team called "Synthedai Army", but he is not very close.

July 2018 "Synthedai Army" is dissolved.

In December of the same year, he challenged the XGF title of "Monster Halloween" and won the victory. ​ Became the 3rd XGF champion.

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