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​ Event name: SCRAMBLE OUT 2022

​Date and time: Saturday, September 24, 2022 Line up 12:05 Open 12:15 Start 12:30

​ *Times are subject to change.

Venue: Postdiamstad

3-16-1 Nakasaiwaicho, Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture 212-0012

Access: 5 minute walk from JR Kawasaki Station

​ Fee: Any amount you like

Seat type: All seats are free of charge Advance reservations can be made at the reception desk on the day


(Admission on the day)

Deadline 9/23 (Friday) 21:00

*If you are booking multiple people, the representative should fill in the number of people in the advance form.
* In addition to the above 4 points, 5. Please write a kana (handle name, etc.) for verification, and tell us the kana at the reception on the day.

Reception on the day

(Admission after the day)

*Customer information (1. name, 2. address, 3. phone number, 4. e-mail address) will be collected at the time of admission on the day.
*Please prepare a piece of paper with the above customer information in advance, or write it down on the special form at the reception.

* The above reception content is done as a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

*Personal information received will not be used for any purpose other than the above.
*In addition, the data will be completely deleted after a certain period of time.


0924 Championship KV1.png

6-man tag match 1 match



king penguin

​(nkw/IWP/Love Phantom)

nkw 20th champion

25th MWGP Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion





Chocotte Steiner


0924 Rumble KV4.png

One tag match


・Athletes enter at different times

・ Fall, give up and over the top rope are applied

​・The last one wins

Participating players (in no particular order)


・ Minoru Kido(nkw/elbow union)

・ Hosokoshi "hermit" Yusuke(nkw)

・Chrysanthemum, Gate Taro(Super Original/Love Phantom)

・Colon care(nkw/colon tent)


・The Great Small Fish(XGF/MoneyFamily)

・San Francisco Xaviwell(XGF/MoneyFamily)

・Loincloth devil(nkw/ATT)

・no death(nkw)


・Violent Beast H Pinky Kong(XGF)

・Destroy = Misaka(free)




・Kusuri Matsumura(AZW)

・Inadvertent assistant guard(AZW)


・Nekula Butcher(AZW)

・ Ryunosuke Takeda(free)

・Sasaki Complete Jr.(CWP/Hell's Teeth Nova)

・Tent Harizo(CWP/colon tent)

・ Infant Nagata(NYPW/NwO)


・Reversal swamp(RAW)

・Kenta DX(RAW)

・Tatsuo Kawabata(RAW)

・Mysterious Woman(?)

・Phantom Kajiwara(Earth 199999)



・ This performance is scheduled to be performed by an audience.
・ Smoke screen (water vapor) may be generated during the production. Please note.
・ If you feel sick while watching the game, please contact the staff near you.
・ It is very dangerous because players may come out of the ring during the match. In that case, please stand up and stay away from the players.
・ All photos, videos, etc. can be taken. Please upload it to SNS.
-The tag on SNS will be #nkwres.

We ask for the following cooperation in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.
① Self-check before visiting ■ Please refrain from visiting if you fall under any of the following.
・ Persons with fever of 37.5 ℃ or higher, extreme cough, dyspnea, malaise, taste and olfactory dysfunction ・ Persons with the above symptoms within the last 2 weeks, or those who are not in good physical condition on the day ・ New corona infection Those who fall under close contact with a person who is positive for the disease ・ When there is a person who is suspected of being infected by a family member living together or a close acquaintance

② About correspondence at the venue ■ At the time of admission, we will confirm wearing a mask, measure the temperature, and disinfect the hands with alcohol.
* As a result of temperature measurement, admission may be refused if the temperature is 37.5 ° C or higher.
■ Customer information will be confirmed at the time of admission.
■ In the venue, please consider ensuring social distance and wear a mask to watch the game.

③ About after the performance ■ If you develop a new coronavirus within 2 weeks after the performance, please contact the organizer.
■ If an infected person appears from a visitor at a later date, please cooperate with the interview survey at the health center.

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