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Ryo Asaoka

​ Snapping 20s

Asao Akariyo


Sharp 20s / 2nd generation color commentator  


Sharp 20s / 2nd generation color commentator  

height, weight

183cm / 85kg  



signature move

Spicoli Driver / Andre

Birthplace / date of birth

​Tokyo / February 24, 1997


May 17, 2014 nkw May performance "REVIVE"  


・ The 11th nkw tag team title (ptr. Laso-Chimbra)

・ The 25th nkw MD throne

​ ・ 27th nkwMD throne


He admires ECW in a style inspired by American wrestling in the late 90's and early 2000's.
If Mr. Money is a sunny man, Asaoka is a rain man, and there are rumors that the weather will almost collapse at the box office where he participates.

In March 2019, he will be indefinitely rested due to an injury. Currently working as a staff member.


May 17, 2014 nkw revival performance " REVIVE  ~ nkw is back !! ~ " debuted in a handicap match between opponent "Green Boy" and partner "DAIKI" (at that time) The ring name is "Crimson Asai").
June 15 Renamed "Crimson Asai" to "AR Forks".


Participated in the nkw champion tournament held at " MADNESS PARK 2015 " on May 23rd . Played against RYO in the first round and won.

・ August 22 " Dangerous Summer 2015 @ Naughty Summer Festival-Whale Mountain Top Battle !!- " nkw Champion Tournament Semifinal B block against Tomohiro Otani but defeated.


・ May Formed "RYO" and "Synthedai Army".
・ August 27, "
Dangerous Summer 2016 @ Naughty Summer Festival-Kujirayama Happy and Embarrassed High Voltage !!- ", where "Insane Boyz" faced the nkw tag team title match (ptr.RYO) during the match. He suffered a serious injury and will be absent for a long time.


2017 _
Returned at " GET READY 2017 " on February 25th . Again, he played the nkw tag team title match (ptr. Laso-Cimbra) with "Insane Boyz" and won the victory. Became the 11th nkw tag team title. With this in mind, "Laso Chimbra" (Utsunomiya NUWA) joined the "Synthedai Army".
・ March 28,
renamed from "AR Forks" to "Ryo Asaoka" .

・ On August 26, at " Dangerous Summer 2017 @ Naughty Summer Festival-Extreme Heat! Whale Mountain Great Eruption !!- ", the nkw Tag Championship match was held against MOCO Michinoku & Sirga Deter Sumataro and succeeded in the first defense. After the match, MOCO Michinoku smells of joining the synthdai army.

・ On December 23, at " WRESTLE STAR 2017 ", he teamed up with RYO and Laso-Chimbra of the Synthed Dai Army and played against N4H (Large Intestine Care, Reika, Sakai) and won. The first corps confrontation was a white star.

2018 _

・ February Returned the nkw tag title due to an injury during practice (injury to the right ankle ligament) .
Returned to the match at " MADNESS PARK 2018 " on May 19th . Participating in the MD Championship Hardcore 8way Match is not enough.

Participated in A block as RYO and Synsedai army in the nkw one-day tag tournament held at " BURN UP " on July 21st . In the first round, defeated "EE jump" Nishizaki Yuuki & Great Small Fish, and in the semi-final, defeated "Love Victim" King Penguin & Kiku Kado Taro to advance to the final. In the final match, he played against "Mastermind" Mr. Money & YMD who won the B block. Victory after more than 20 minutes in the third game of the day. The 1st nkw One Day Tag Tournament will be won by the Synsedai Army. However, in an interview after the victory, he announced the dissolution of the synthdai army in the near future.
・ August 25, won the MD title by winning colon care at " Dangerous Summer 2018 ". Became the 27th MD champion. In addition, the synthdai army was officially disbanded as "developmental dissolution".
・ On October 14th,
he lost to San Francisco Zaviwell and lost the MD title at " Full Throttle 2018 ".

Re-challenge the MD title of Zaviwell at "WRESTLE STAR 2018 " on December 22nd . Participating in a hardcore 6way match but losing.


2019 _
Challenge the MD title of Zaviwell at " GET READY 2019 " on February 23rd . Fight and win in a single combat and become the 27th MD champion.
・ In March,
I will take an indefinite rest due to an injury . The MD title has returned, and he has declared that he will continue to work as an exclusive staff member for nkw.
・ On July 7th, he declared his return as a commentator at "BURN UP 2019".

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