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Entertainment Wrestling "nkw":
Nkw is Backyard Wrestling Promotion, founded in 2002, Nukui, Tokyo.
Our wrestlers and staffs are students and adults.
We hold shows around Tokyo every other month or every month. Free entrance.
Don't miss our Entertainment Wrestling!

Representative: Sakai


The watchword of "nkw"  

* Only available in Japanese (text)


nkw has a secret word.  
This secret word can be used in various scenes such as before and after a performance, when you want to scream in the mountains or the sea, or when you want to go on a vacation or event.  
When talking about nkw, start with the secret word!

Let's all remember with the former representative "Mr.Money" !!  


First of all, this voice that can be heard from nowhere ↓  
"ARE YOU READY ~ !?"  

When you hear this, everyone should answer "Yeah !!"!  

From here is important!


  ① Extend your right hand to the right side of your body and sign your hand with a pistol!  


 ② Hands on the left side of the body, hands thumbs up  

④ Finally, push the peace sign up to the sky!

③ While collecting soul and power around the right waist!  

"That's Good nkw"

(Nkw is the best!) _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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