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​Star Twinkle Civil Servant



Fighting civil servant / industry's No. 1 ring announcer  

height, weight

160cm / 56kg  



signature move

Twinkle Imagination / Unmanned Zairaisen Bomb

Birthplace / date of birth

​Tokyo / February 16, 1991


・ Ring announcer

May 23, 2015 "MADNESS PARK 2015"

​ ・ Wrestler

October 16, 2016 "FULL THROTTLE 2016"


​ 17th nkw Cruiserweight Championship


nkw exclusive ring announcer and wrestler.

Joined nkw as a ring announcer after working as a commissioner and ring announcer for Tokyo International University Student Wrestling (TIW).

Its linana is the best, and it is sought after by various groups.

​ Debuted as a wrestler in October 2016.


I was active as a ring announcer at the Tokyo International University Professional Wrestling Study Group (TIW), and participated in nkw several times as a ring announcer.

After graduating, Mr. Money called out and participated as a regular ring announcer from "This is nkw ~ Play is over ~" in December 2012.


・ May 23 Participated in "MADNESS PARK 2015" as an exclusive ring announcer for nkw.


・ October 16th at " FULL THROTTLE 2016 " 8 Man Tornado Tag Match (Partners: Yuzuru Sasaki & Tent Harizo & Infant Nagata / Opponents: Mr.Money, Kiku / Kado Taro, Amazing !! Maral-san, YMD ) Debuted as a wrestler. With a small package hold, take 3 counts from the gate tallow and decorate the white star.


・ February 25, " GET READY 2017 " participated in the nkw cruiserweight championship tournament. In the first round, he was defeated by hitting Sakai.

・ In December, he participated in the nkw Cruiserweight Championship next challenge right 6way gauntlet match at " WRESTLE STAR 2017 " but was eliminated.


・ February 24, " GET READY 2018 " 6 Mantag Match (Partner: No Death, Ikuna (・ La) Hatoya / Opponent: Loincloth Devil, Reversal Sawa, Brooklyn Genziggler) Take 3 counts from Rivazawa as a school boy.

After the match, he scolded Rivazawa and demanded a match.

・ In May, he faced a single match with Reversal Sawa at " MADNESS PARK 2018 " but lost.

・ July 25, " BURN UP " nkw One-day tag tournament with San Francisco Zaviwell and "Mort-INT Sqd", but lost in the first round.


・ February 23, " GET READY 2019 " will serve as a special commissioner for the day only. After the main event, Sakai reversely nominates the GT, and the first nkw title and cruiserweight title challenge match will be decided at the next performance.

Challenge Sakai's nkw throne and cruiserweight throne at " BATTLE OF SPRING " on April 27th . Even though he fights well, he loses by tapping out.

・ May 18 " MADNESS PARK 2019 " GET THE CHANCE Right acquisition 4way match but defeated.

・ On December 15th, won the right to challenge the next nkw cruiserweight title at " WRESTLE STAR 2019 ".


・ February 23, " GET READY 2020 " challenged Sakai's cruiserweight title for the third time and finally won. Became the 17th nkw cruiserweight champion and crowned himself for the first time.

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